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Your SHEro’s Journey Podcast, the place where you’ll learn how to connect more deeply with the rhythms of life, so that you can reclaim your power and your rightful place in the world as the wild, mysterious, and deeply connected women that you are. Join me as I guide you deeper on your own Journey back home to yourself, one where you can trust your deep inner knowing, and learn the tools to help you on your path.
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Jul 17, 2016

Welcome! My guest today is SHEro Jacqui McGinn, an intuitive coach and healer who focuses on understanding the connection to our true selves.

She’s always been fascinated by language and communication, which fits perfectly into her current work.

We’ll talk about her healing work and how an emotional breakdown led to a spiritual breakthrough.

Join us! 

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Her work is centred on the loving connection to our higher and truer selves

  • Her modality is “theta healing, which teaches that beliefs in our unconscious mind influence our everyday choices

  • Our beliefs are carried through our ancestral DNA

  • Why we all need to clear our limiting beliefs

  • A “quantum moment” of connection

  • Her breakdown, while living in Japan

  • How Jacqui became interested in spirituality, chakras, and theta healing

  • Esoteric healing—What is it?

  • How the main types of healing differ from each other

  • Muscle testing, and how it can determine your beliefs

  • “Energetic divorce”—What is it?

  • Results of her work: improved relationships, taking control, and focused energy

  • Jacqui’s greatest gift is being able to embrace more love for more people

  • The tools she uses to see below the surface in others

  • Funny experiences working with young kids in nursery school

  • “It’s NEVER too late!”

  • Theta, and what it teaches about Understanding the co

Top Tips To From Jacqui:

  1. We all have limiting beliefs, and that’s okay.

  2. Don’t take things too personally.

  3. Be curious!

Favourite Quote:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers in yourself that you have built against it.” –Rumi

Favourite Fictional Character:

The Oracle from The Matrix

SuperShero Name:

The Open-Hearted Warrior


About Jacqui McGinn

Jacqui’s work is all about fostering loving connections - both with ourselves and with each other.

Always fascinated by language, her career began with foreign language teaching in Japan. While living there she experienced a mental breakdown that turned out to be a spiritual breakthrough and this was the catalyst that started Jacqui on a mission to understand what happened to her mind and use her insights to help others.

After first discovering the work of Jung, she became interested in therapy and energy healing. She has trained with internationally acclaimed healers and constantly applies her learning to her own life. 

Her main healing tool is ThetaHealing and she also teaches ThetaHealing practitioner courses.

Connect With Jacqui McGinn:



Interview Links And Resources:

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