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Your SHEro’s Journey Podcast, the place where you’ll learn how to connect more deeply with the rhythms of life, so that you can reclaim your power and your rightful place in the world as the wild, mysterious, and deeply connected women that you are. Join me as I guide you deeper on your own Journey back home to yourself, one where you can trust your deep inner knowing, and learn the tools to help you on your path.
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Jun 26, 2016

Welcome! Have you ever wished you knew more about tarot cards and how to use them?

Today’s guest is SHEro Karolina Dabrowska, a tarot alchemist and empowerment coach. She can show you how you can use the beauty and symbolism of the tarot to offer deeper insights into life’s challenges, and when NOT to use it.

Karolina teaches women to trust themselves in making decisions.

Join us for more on this interesting topic!

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How Karolina got her first tarot deck from her mother at age 15; she was immediately awestruck by the story, symbols, and pictures.

  • How Karolina focuses on the element of play with the cards and with her clients.

  • “A tarot reading course changed my life and taught me to view life’s challenges with gratitude.

  • The tarot cards have influenced Karolina in teaching that there is a reason for everything, in teaching self-love, and in teaching that it takes life’s positive and negative aspects to help us grow.

  • Karolina’s greatest gift from the tarot has been the transformation that took place at a specific time in her life.

  • “I was freed to be myself, to be a little bit of a freak, and to make a living out of it!”

  • How Karolina uses the tarot and oracle cards in combination.

  • Why a tarot reading from someone else has more objectivity and value than one from yourself.

  • With clients, Karolina combines tarot readings with coaching, bridging the readings with tools and exercises.

Top Tip To From Karolina:

  1. Buy a deck and go for it! It doesn’t have to be a perfect experience.

Favourite Quote:

“It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be done.”

Favourite Fictional Character:

Donnie Darko from the movie

SuperShero Name:

“Tarot Alchemist”


About Karolina Dobrovska

I’m a Tarot alchemist, Love & Empowerment Coach for women; In other words, I help women to create the relationship they’ve always dreamed of through teaching them how to fall in love with themselves first.

In my work I combine the magic of Tarot cards with down-to-earth coaching tools, making all the wisdom and insights actionable.

I teach women how to trust themselves so that they can start making decisions that are right for THEM.

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