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Your SHEro’s Journey Podcast, the place where you’ll learn how to connect more deeply with the rhythms of life, so that you can reclaim your power and your rightful place in the world as the wild, mysterious, and deeply connected women that you are. Join me as I guide you deeper on your own Journey back home to yourself, one where you can trust your deep inner knowing, and learn the tools to help you on your path.
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Sep 27, 2015

Welcome! My guest today is Jo De Rosa. Jo shares how she battled addiction for decades until yoga and meditation literally saved her life.

She has recently celebrated 1000 days of sobriety!

She has lived in Thailand and the UK, running a clothing and jewellery shop, a yoga studio, and a retreat centre. Her business, Inner Guidance, offers coaching, workshops, and retreats focusing on emotional and spiritual healing, nutrition, and visioning for the future.

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Jo!

Jo candidly shares about the excesses of her adult life, until yoga and meditation showed her a better path. Even in the midst of the addiction pattern, she felt a calling to search for something else for her life. When she attended her first yoga class, it was an “epiphany” moment—exactly what she was searching for to change her life forever!

In this episode, Jo discusses:

  • How yoga eventually led to soul-satisfying meditation in her life, and how you can start small and incorporate this practice into your life

  • How she overcame the power struggle between the “old Jo” and the “new Jo” she wanted to become 

  • How family and friends responded to the extreme changes she made in her life—some were supportive and some were not

  • Jo keeps the faith in herself by acknowledging that her inner peace comes from her meditation

  • Hear the miraculous story of how Jo and her husband came to own a 16th-century property that has become the Inner Guidance Retreat Centre

  • How Jo does NOT regret any of her life experiences: “I had to go through what I did to be where I am right now!”


Biggest Learning:

Trusting herself, trusting the process. Trusting that everything is happening for a reason. It has to happen this way for you to be your full potential, so that you can shine in the world.

Say YES and mean it.

Do things because you say 'YES' to them, not because you 'should' do them.

Favourite Quote:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi 


Theme Song:

Brainwave Music System- Dr Jeffrey Thompson

SuperShero Name:

The Quantum Mind-Setter


About Jo:

Jo offers coaching, workshops and retreats where students can fully immerse themselves into their practice, and most importantly, learn how to take the information home with them and integrate it into their daily lives.

Yoga is a complete lifestyle and Jo teaches not only the physical postures, but also nutrition, visioning for the future and meditation. This enables you to feel balanced mentally and emotionally, as well as physically.

Jo teaches yoga in the Iyengar style and spent one year in training with her first teacher Suzie in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Jo has spent much time in India and completed the Sivananda one month intensive training in Neyyer Dam, Trivandrum. Here she stayed in the ashram for one month living and breathing yoga before heading from the southern tip of India to the Himalayas where she met and studied with Sharat Arora.

It was at this time that Jo also became involved with the Tibetan Buddhist movement in Dharamsala.

In 2006 Jo took refuge with HH Karmapa which is a great honour, and was given the Tibetan name ‘Karma Choekyi’, which means ‘happy teacher’.

The Karmapa is head of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, and although this is a different lineage to HH Dalai Lama, it is now public knowledge that HH Karmapa will succeed HH Dalai Lama as leader of Tibet.


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Interview Links And Resources:

Jo's Website



Sep 20, 2015

Danielle shares how after investing so much in her 10 year career and building up her private practice, she made the very hard decision to leave it behind to become a mum.

She shares how she went through guilt and embarrassment as she made this incredibly tough decision for her and her family. 

Danielle shares that she was heading towards burnout, when she unexpectedly became pregnant and was delighted.

However, everything changed as she suffered a miscarriage.

Danielle reveals how this left her feeling devastated. She began to re-evaluate everything.

She began to question what she was doing with her life. Was she even really happy? Had she gotten to see her daughter (who was then 3 years old) learn and change and grow? Was the work that she was doing actually making a difference? Why did she leave a previous job that she loved for more time with her daughter, only to find that a couple of years later, she only saw her when she was in bed?

Two months later Danielle became pregnant again and decided in that moment, things had to change and she walked away from her 10 year career so that she could focus on growing her baby and being the best mum she could be.

She shares that although it was her choice to leave, she left with her guilt, embarrassment, and shame that took her many months of reflection and willingness to do the hard work, to get through.

Danielle shares how this has led her to create a life and business that support both her and her family. 

Biggest Learning:

Accept that things change.
Still have your own goals, but as a mum you may have to evaluate how long it will take you to get them and how you’ll actually get them.

Favourite Quote:

“I AM a powerful creator.” - Danielle Eaton 

Theme Song:

Uptown FunkBruno Mars/Mark Ronson

SuperSHEro Name:

Powerful Creator

About Danielle:

Danielle is a chiropractic sports physician, certified personal trainer, anatomy and physiology instructor, host of Naturally Empowered podcast, wife and mom!

She earned her first bachelors degree in 2003 in social work, her second bachelors in 2006 in human biology, a doctorate of chiropractic in 2008 and masters in sports science and rehab in 2009. She also completed a two-year residency in sports and rehabilitation. 

After being in private practice for a couple of years, she chose motherhood. She currently has a bridge job reviewing medical treatment requests for injured workers, and still teaches A&P part-time.

Danielle launched her podcast  Naturally Empowered Moms and is starting an online health coaching service to help moms get their bodies back after pregnancy.

Connect with Danielle:

Danielle's Podcast


Interview Links And Resources:

Danielle's Website

Danielle's Podcast - Naturally Empowered Moms



Sep 13, 2015

Heather shares how after having a typical standard and conventional start to her life, she began to follow her inner knowing which then took her on unexpected journeys that have taken her all around the world.

She shares her story of how facing her fears connected her to her true passion and purpose.

Heather shares how her first 'call' came when she was on a study abroad program in University.  She was on the fairly standard path of college, likely followed by grad school, and then career…

But it all changed when she signed up to go on a tall ship training program. The only problem being that she was terrified of sailing!

Heather shares that she knew that the only way to get over her fears was to face them. She signed up to spend six weeks at sea on a tall ship and got more than she bargained for.

Not only did she get over her fear of sailing, she fell in love with it. It opened her up to a whole new way of living and seeing the world.

Heather recounts her experience of sitting up on top of the mast of the ship as they were about to arrive at their destination in Cuba, the first port stop after 2 weeks at sea, when she had the realisation that while she was excited about arriving at their destination, more importantly she had grown to love and appreciate the journey even more!

It was at this point that Heather realised that she wanted to live her life in a way that embraced the journey as much, or more than, the destination.

Since then she has followed her inner knowing and it has lead her on a fairly unconventional journey, which has seen her working on, and running, farms across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Heather shares her tales of being a apprentice as a wooden boat builder and teaching students from preschool through adult in gardening, cooking, and connecting more deeply with the land.

Most recently Heather got married and moved across the sea to a new country where she now lives with her love.

Biggest Learning:

To trust in self – no matter what other people may say.
That we always have a choice in how we view the world or handle situations

Favourite Quote:

“When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.” - Patrick Overton

Theme Song:

Find A WayRising Appalachia 

SuperSHEro Name:

Super Beet


About Heather

Heather loves to create pictures with words, paint on a canvas of soil, and cook food that tastes good and looks beautiful.  She's nourished by the ocean, northern climes, long walks in the woods, winters by the wood stove, and helping things grow (both people and plants!).  She has spent nearly decade of seasons on small sustainable farms, apprenticed with multiple herbalists, and taught everywhere from the decks of a schooner to a sugar shack under a full moon. 

She is always open to explore new places whether it's down the street or across the sea.

Founder of North Star Nomad, she is passionate about creating sensory experiences that reconnect people with their bodies and the world around them, while bringing more joy, grounding, and wonder into their lives.  She offers coaching and mentoring opportunities for growth that are supported by the plants, the seasons, and the places one longs to wander.

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Interview Links And Resources:

Heather's Website 

North Star Nomad Recommended Resources



Sep 6, 2015

Elyse shares how following her chart success in the 90's, she then left the music scene due to self-doubt, as she no longer believed she could sing.

She shares her story of how she found herself again, and re-connected to her passion and purpose.

Elyse joined her first band with a group of friends at the age of 14. They were called Low Profile and had eight members. Elyse began by playing keyboards and backing vocals, but eventually moved onto Lead Vocals and Songwriting as it came so easy and natural to her. 

Elyse says; ‘I used to write lyrics about ‘lost love’, ‘looking for love’ etc….I would write about how I was waiting for someone to come and rescue me, love me. Nowadays I am at the other end of this spectrum and I write about ‘self love’, love energy’, ‘gratitude’ and more, all positive uplifting encouraging words.’

Following her success with MAXX in the mid 1990’s, Elyse went through a period of self doubt and couldn’t sing herself for many years. During this time she undertook lots of personal development which included Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, energy work, nutrition, fork-tuning therapy, vocal techniques, etc. She recalls:’ I became a workshop junkie, desperately trying to figure out how to fix things, but I also began to shape the link between sound, energy and vibration which would lead to a more holistic approach to my future music.’

Around 2009, Elyse was working as a freelance vocal tutor, she remembers that one of her jobs was to run a music workshop with mental health patients. ‘I noticed that they loved to sing happy songs: it would lift them high and they would dance, smile and radiate an inner glow. These were special moments and it showed me that uplifting music can heal. However, although I sang along with the group, when it came to singing alone, I just couldn’t!’

Elyse says that at this time she began to feel exhausted with life. She was affected negatively by other people’s misery, their illnesses, with paying the mortgage, other bills and just existing. Inside, she had this deep yearning to live a life of rich abundance, health, vitality and happiness. She wondered if she would ever sing again. She missed it deeply and felt like a huge part of her was missing. 

In the summer of 2012 Elyse made a major life decision and sold her house, car and other material possessions, giving some away to charity and friends. She’d heard the saying "If it’s not working, change it." and decided to do just that. She explains, ‘I thought, if I want to have a chance to sing again, I will have to change my life.’

Elyse travelled to Nepal, where she became a voluntary music teacher, in a school located high up in the Kathmandu Valley. She lived with a family of nine, which was hard going, as she and her husband both have no siblings so were not used to such large families. One evening, three of the nine children of the house put on a Nepalese dance show, and the whole family sang and danced together. 

Elyse shares that she was deeply moved, and cried. ‘The Nepalese family asked for our contribution. I remember my husband pointed to me and said, to my utter horror, "She’s the singer in the family." I was put on the spot, but I recalled how, in the 90s, I had sung to thousands of people, and so I reasoned what would it matter if I performed to this small family up here in the valley? I sang the three new songs I had written, and they loved it. The host commented that he did not understand many of the English words I sang, but my tone and emotion were beautiful! 

The next day in school, the children asked: "Excuse me Miss, was that you singing in the valley last night?" Unbeknown to me, the whole of the valley had heard my voice and my words. I knew then that I had to continue, to spread my message of love, hope and peace through music. I had broken through my fear. My mind became open to new possibilities. It was then that I knew I would sing again!’

In January 2013, after a 16 year break from fame, Elyse stepped back into the studio to record her first solo album, The Love Energy. The album consists of nine songs with very positive lyrics. Each song has been carefully tuned to centre on each of the nine principal ancient Solfeggio healing tones. The healing frequency runs subliminally right through each song, creating an overall balance and euphoric state for the listener. 

Elyse says: ‘ I just remembered who I was, and why I was here. I remembered my mission, my purpose. This is how I found my self-belief to pursue my music career. It was there all along, underneath, waiting for me. I just needed to believe in me again, and I am so grateful I did.’

Biggest Learning:

That we are resilient, and that we are strong.
That we need to tap into our own inner power and not listen to external influences.

Support yourself with awesome, rocking people.
We need to tap into play, fun and loving energy.


Favourite Quote:

What if everything you said and thought came true?” – Anon


Theme Song:

The Love Energy Elyse G Rogers 

SuperSHEro Name:

The Love Energy


About Elyse:

Elyse Rogers is a vocalist with energy, a songwriter with inspiration and a versatility from experience. She explains where she has come from, where she is going and what it means for you.

“I have been a singer and songwriter from age 14. My early period was typical – working hard, understanding my strengths, learning what my fans wanted. That brought success – topping the charts with the German band MAXX, appearing on ‘Top of the Pops’ and touring the country. As I developed, my intuition told me I could do more with my music. So I started exploring.”

2012 was a defining moment for Elyse – the discovery of frequencies from our past.

” I heard about a 528 hertz frequency that gave amazing results. But I didn’t realise it was one of a family of six, until a fellow musician introduced me to the others….the Solfeggio Frequencies, hidden for centuries but now re-discovered. I listened and felt how they gave music and songs a greater substance and depth, almost a healing power. I can’t explain why, I just know it works. And I wanted it to work for all my fans, past, present and future. “


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Interview Links And Resources:

Elyse's Website 

Learn more about the healing frequencies

The Love Energy Album