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Your SHEro’s Journey Podcast, the place where you’ll learn how to connect more deeply with the rhythms of life, so that you can reclaim your power and your rightful place in the world as the wild, mysterious, and deeply connected women that you are. Join me as I guide you deeper on your own Journey back home to yourself, one where you can trust your deep inner knowing, and learn the tools to help you on your path.
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Nov 1, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s SHEro is Marina Pearson, who at age 30 had endured two suicide attempts, drug and alcohol addiction, an eating disorder, a divorce, and two failed businesses.  

She experienced a moment in which everything changed for her as she devoted her life to personal development.  She is now an international speaker, coach, and author.  Her book is a #1 bestseller: Goodbye Mr. X. 

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Marina!


In this episode, Marina shares:

  • That the Turn-Around is a gradual process

  • How she searched outwardly for the clarity, she really needed to find inwardly

  • The realisation of her innate wisdom within that made sense of it all

  • Fourteen months in Bali, divine guidance, and pregnancy!

  • A poignant moment of seeing all of us for who we really are

  • The realisation that led her to her passion for helping mothers in business

  • How to understand the connection we have and the Divine plan for our lives

  • Our souls know far more than our egos do

  • How she convinced family, friends, and her husband that she was meant to be in Bali

  • How to explain what it means to “Be Present.”

  • How the energy that created us in the womb remains with us throughout life



Biggest Learning:

“Don’t take yourself too seriously..”


Favourite Quote:

“Beyond the wrong doing and right doing, there is a field, and I’ll meet you there.” - Rumi


Theme Song:

Roar- Katy Perry

SuperShero Name:

Galactica Warrior Princess


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About Marina:

Marina, is the No1 best-selling author of the multi-award winning book Goodbye Mr Ex, and international speaker. She supports professionals and entrepreneurs to transform all types of stress into effortless results and living through her coaching and events.

She is the lead facilitator of Your Pathway To Wisdom, Your Pathway To Abundance and Your Pathway To Love as well as being the creator of the Effortless Living Program that transforms stress into effortless living so that professionals and entrepreneurs can create a lifestyle that works for them and gets the results that they want.

She has been featured in a number of women’s magazines and newspapers such as Prima, Top Sante, Best, Now, Marie Claire, Spirit & Destiny, The Daily Mail and The Guardian. She writes for the Huffington Post and Your Tango and has been featured on SKY TV.


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Marina's Website

Free eBook:  ‘The 5 Keys To Creating An Effortless Lifestyle That Gets Results"