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Your SHEro’s Journey Podcast, the place where you’ll learn how to connect more deeply with the rhythms of life, so that you can reclaim your power and your rightful place in the world as the wild, mysterious, and deeply connected women that you are. Join me as I guide you deeper on your own Journey back home to yourself, one where you can trust your deep inner knowing, and learn the tools to help you on your path.
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Aug 30, 2015

Karen shares how it was a health crisis that brought her into alignment with where she is now.

Ever since she was a small child, she could hear, see and perceive things that not everyone else could and she chose to tell them to ‘shut up!’

Ignoring it, pushing it aside, because she didn't want to be seen as weird.

Then in her early 40’s she had her health crisis. Karen had already had a rich growing up of doing lots of things and exploring lots of things that allowed her to use her intuition, but there was an underlying feeling that something wasn’t quite right.


She didn’t know what to do with the feeling of being out of alignment or not being on the right path, because she had not fully opened herself to her true path.

She needed to reconnect to her spirit guides.

Karen explains that there is no magic to connect with your guides, you just say ‘Hello’

She says the ability to connect with our guides is always on, all that needs to change to be able to connect is our perception, we need to turn inwards.

She didn’t hear her guides because she had closed her ear and her heart to them, and the only time she could use her intuition was when she was in crisis.

This led to a negative psychic experience, because when you bury something down and try to ignore it, it always pops back up.


Biggest Learning:

Who I am, at my deepest level, shines out of me, no matter what I think I’m doing to cover it up. And why I can try and hide, my essential self is still shining.

And all of the time that I spend trying to cover it up or being ashamed of it, is time I could spend doing something else.

Favourite Quote:

“I have time in abundance, health in abundance, joy in abundance, clarity in abundance” – Karen Hagar - Karen Hagar

Theme Song:

Symphony No. 9 (Ode to Joy)Beethoven 

SuperSHEro Name:

Dances With Doubt


About Karen:

Intuitive Karen Hager works privately with clients from all over the world to provide compassionate, no-nonsense Spirit-led guidance for people in transition. Karen also leads intuitive development classes and teaches on topics that empower people to listen to their own inner guidance. She’s the creator of the Breathe, Love, Live healing method of identifying and releasing energetic blocks. 

As creator and host of the popular radio show “Out of the Fog,” Karen was awarded the Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland Co-Creation Sector Award for Media, presented by Barbara Marx Hubbard.


Connect with Karen:


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