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Your SHEro’s Journey Podcast, the place where you’ll learn how to connect more deeply with the rhythms of life, so that you can reclaim your power and your rightful place in the world as the wild, mysterious, and deeply connected women that you are. Join me as I guide you deeper on your own Journey back home to yourself, one where you can trust your deep inner knowing, and learn the tools to help you on your path.
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Sep 20, 2015

Danielle shares how after investing so much in her 10 year career and building up her private practice, she made the very hard decision to leave it behind to become a mum.

She shares how she went through guilt and embarrassment as she made this incredibly tough decision for her and her family. 

Danielle shares that she was heading towards burnout, when she unexpectedly became pregnant and was delighted.

However, everything changed as she suffered a miscarriage.

Danielle reveals how this left her feeling devastated. She began to re-evaluate everything.

She began to question what she was doing with her life. Was she even really happy? Had she gotten to see her daughter (who was then 3 years old) learn and change and grow? Was the work that she was doing actually making a difference? Why did she leave a previous job that she loved for more time with her daughter, only to find that a couple of years later, she only saw her when she was in bed?

Two months later Danielle became pregnant again and decided in that moment, things had to change and she walked away from her 10 year career so that she could focus on growing her baby and being the best mum she could be.

She shares that although it was her choice to leave, she left with her guilt, embarrassment, and shame that took her many months of reflection and willingness to do the hard work, to get through.

Danielle shares how this has led her to create a life and business that support both her and her family. 

Biggest Learning:

Accept that things change.
Still have your own goals, but as a mum you may have to evaluate how long it will take you to get them and how you’ll actually get them.

Favourite Quote:

“I AM a powerful creator.” - Danielle Eaton 

Theme Song:

Uptown FunkBruno Mars/Mark Ronson

SuperSHEro Name:

Powerful Creator

About Danielle:

Danielle is a chiropractic sports physician, certified personal trainer, anatomy and physiology instructor, host of Naturally Empowered podcast, wife and mom!

She earned her first bachelors degree in 2003 in social work, her second bachelors in 2006 in human biology, a doctorate of chiropractic in 2008 and masters in sports science and rehab in 2009. She also completed a two-year residency in sports and rehabilitation. 

After being in private practice for a couple of years, she chose motherhood. She currently has a bridge job reviewing medical treatment requests for injured workers, and still teaches A&P part-time.

Danielle launched her podcast  Naturally Empowered Moms and is starting an online health coaching service to help moms get their bodies back after pregnancy.

Connect with Danielle:

Danielle's Podcast


Interview Links And Resources:

Danielle's Website

Danielle's Podcast - Naturally Empowered Moms



Sep 13, 2015

Heather shares how after having a typical standard and conventional start to her life, she began to follow her inner knowing which then took her on unexpected journeys that have taken her all around the world.

She shares her story of how facing her fears connected her to her true passion and purpose.

Heather shares how her first 'call' came when she was on a study abroad program in University.  She was on the fairly standard path of college, likely followed by grad school, and then career…

But it all changed when she signed up to go on a tall ship training program. The only problem being that she was terrified of sailing!

Heather shares that she knew that the only way to get over her fears was to face them. She signed up to spend six weeks at sea on a tall ship and got more than she bargained for.

Not only did she get over her fear of sailing, she fell in love with it. It opened her up to a whole new way of living and seeing the world.

Heather recounts her experience of sitting up on top of the mast of the ship as they were about to arrive at their destination in Cuba, the first port stop after 2 weeks at sea, when she had the realisation that while she was excited about arriving at their destination, more importantly she had grown to love and appreciate the journey even more!

It was at this point that Heather realised that she wanted to live her life in a way that embraced the journey as much, or more than, the destination.

Since then she has followed her inner knowing and it has lead her on a fairly unconventional journey, which has seen her working on, and running, farms across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Heather shares her tales of being a apprentice as a wooden boat builder and teaching students from preschool through adult in gardening, cooking, and connecting more deeply with the land.

Most recently Heather got married and moved across the sea to a new country where she now lives with her love.

Biggest Learning:

To trust in self – no matter what other people may say.
That we always have a choice in how we view the world or handle situations

Favourite Quote:

“When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.” - Patrick Overton

Theme Song:

Find A WayRising Appalachia 

SuperSHEro Name:

Super Beet


About Heather

Heather loves to create pictures with words, paint on a canvas of soil, and cook food that tastes good and looks beautiful.  She's nourished by the ocean, northern climes, long walks in the woods, winters by the wood stove, and helping things grow (both people and plants!).  She has spent nearly decade of seasons on small sustainable farms, apprenticed with multiple herbalists, and taught everywhere from the decks of a schooner to a sugar shack under a full moon. 

She is always open to explore new places whether it's down the street or across the sea.

Founder of North Star Nomad, she is passionate about creating sensory experiences that reconnect people with their bodies and the world around them, while bringing more joy, grounding, and wonder into their lives.  She offers coaching and mentoring opportunities for growth that are supported by the plants, the seasons, and the places one longs to wander.

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Heather's Website 

North Star Nomad Recommended Resources



Sep 6, 2015

Elyse shares how following her chart success in the 90's, she then left the music scene due to self-doubt, as she no longer believed she could sing.

She shares her story of how she found herself again, and re-connected to her passion and purpose.

Elyse joined her first band with a group of friends at the age of 14. They were called Low Profile and had eight members. Elyse began by playing keyboards and backing vocals, but eventually moved onto Lead Vocals and Songwriting as it came so easy and natural to her. 

Elyse says; ‘I used to write lyrics about ‘lost love’, ‘looking for love’ etc….I would write about how I was waiting for someone to come and rescue me, love me. Nowadays I am at the other end of this spectrum and I write about ‘self love’, love energy’, ‘gratitude’ and more, all positive uplifting encouraging words.’

Following her success with MAXX in the mid 1990’s, Elyse went through a period of self doubt and couldn’t sing herself for many years. During this time she undertook lots of personal development which included Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, energy work, nutrition, fork-tuning therapy, vocal techniques, etc. She recalls:’ I became a workshop junkie, desperately trying to figure out how to fix things, but I also began to shape the link between sound, energy and vibration which would lead to a more holistic approach to my future music.’

Around 2009, Elyse was working as a freelance vocal tutor, she remembers that one of her jobs was to run a music workshop with mental health patients. ‘I noticed that they loved to sing happy songs: it would lift them high and they would dance, smile and radiate an inner glow. These were special moments and it showed me that uplifting music can heal. However, although I sang along with the group, when it came to singing alone, I just couldn’t!’

Elyse says that at this time she began to feel exhausted with life. She was affected negatively by other people’s misery, their illnesses, with paying the mortgage, other bills and just existing. Inside, she had this deep yearning to live a life of rich abundance, health, vitality and happiness. She wondered if she would ever sing again. She missed it deeply and felt like a huge part of her was missing. 

In the summer of 2012 Elyse made a major life decision and sold her house, car and other material possessions, giving some away to charity and friends. She’d heard the saying "If it’s not working, change it." and decided to do just that. She explains, ‘I thought, if I want to have a chance to sing again, I will have to change my life.’

Elyse travelled to Nepal, where she became a voluntary music teacher, in a school located high up in the Kathmandu Valley. She lived with a family of nine, which was hard going, as she and her husband both have no siblings so were not used to such large families. One evening, three of the nine children of the house put on a Nepalese dance show, and the whole family sang and danced together. 

Elyse shares that she was deeply moved, and cried. ‘The Nepalese family asked for our contribution. I remember my husband pointed to me and said, to my utter horror, "She’s the singer in the family." I was put on the spot, but I recalled how, in the 90s, I had sung to thousands of people, and so I reasoned what would it matter if I performed to this small family up here in the valley? I sang the three new songs I had written, and they loved it. The host commented that he did not understand many of the English words I sang, but my tone and emotion were beautiful! 

The next day in school, the children asked: "Excuse me Miss, was that you singing in the valley last night?" Unbeknown to me, the whole of the valley had heard my voice and my words. I knew then that I had to continue, to spread my message of love, hope and peace through music. I had broken through my fear. My mind became open to new possibilities. It was then that I knew I would sing again!’

In January 2013, after a 16 year break from fame, Elyse stepped back into the studio to record her first solo album, The Love Energy. The album consists of nine songs with very positive lyrics. Each song has been carefully tuned to centre on each of the nine principal ancient Solfeggio healing tones. The healing frequency runs subliminally right through each song, creating an overall balance and euphoric state for the listener. 

Elyse says: ‘ I just remembered who I was, and why I was here. I remembered my mission, my purpose. This is how I found my self-belief to pursue my music career. It was there all along, underneath, waiting for me. I just needed to believe in me again, and I am so grateful I did.’

Biggest Learning:

That we are resilient, and that we are strong.
That we need to tap into our own inner power and not listen to external influences.

Support yourself with awesome, rocking people.
We need to tap into play, fun and loving energy.


Favourite Quote:

What if everything you said and thought came true?” – Anon


Theme Song:

The Love Energy Elyse G Rogers 

SuperSHEro Name:

The Love Energy


About Elyse:

Elyse Rogers is a vocalist with energy, a songwriter with inspiration and a versatility from experience. She explains where she has come from, where she is going and what it means for you.

“I have been a singer and songwriter from age 14. My early period was typical – working hard, understanding my strengths, learning what my fans wanted. That brought success – topping the charts with the German band MAXX, appearing on ‘Top of the Pops’ and touring the country. As I developed, my intuition told me I could do more with my music. So I started exploring.”

2012 was a defining moment for Elyse – the discovery of frequencies from our past.

” I heard about a 528 hertz frequency that gave amazing results. But I didn’t realise it was one of a family of six, until a fellow musician introduced me to the others….the Solfeggio Frequencies, hidden for centuries but now re-discovered. I listened and felt how they gave music and songs a greater substance and depth, almost a healing power. I can’t explain why, I just know it works. And I wanted it to work for all my fans, past, present and future. “


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Interview Links And Resources:

Elyse's Website 

Learn more about the healing frequencies

The Love Energy Album



Aug 30, 2015

Karen shares how it was a health crisis that brought her into alignment with where she is now.

Ever since she was a small child, she could hear, see and perceive things that not everyone else could and she chose to tell them to ‘shut up!’

Ignoring it, pushing it aside, because she didn't want to be seen as weird.

Then in her early 40’s she had her health crisis. Karen had already had a rich growing up of doing lots of things and exploring lots of things that allowed her to use her intuition, but there was an underlying feeling that something wasn’t quite right.


She didn’t know what to do with the feeling of being out of alignment or not being on the right path, because she had not fully opened herself to her true path.

She needed to reconnect to her spirit guides.

Karen explains that there is no magic to connect with your guides, you just say ‘Hello’

She says the ability to connect with our guides is always on, all that needs to change to be able to connect is our perception, we need to turn inwards.

She didn’t hear her guides because she had closed her ear and her heart to them, and the only time she could use her intuition was when she was in crisis.

This led to a negative psychic experience, because when you bury something down and try to ignore it, it always pops back up.


Biggest Learning:

Who I am, at my deepest level, shines out of me, no matter what I think I’m doing to cover it up. And why I can try and hide, my essential self is still shining.

And all of the time that I spend trying to cover it up or being ashamed of it, is time I could spend doing something else.

Favourite Quote:

“I have time in abundance, health in abundance, joy in abundance, clarity in abundance” – Karen Hagar - Karen Hagar

Theme Song:

Symphony No. 9 (Ode to Joy)Beethoven 

SuperSHEro Name:

Dances With Doubt


About Karen:

Intuitive Karen Hager works privately with clients from all over the world to provide compassionate, no-nonsense Spirit-led guidance for people in transition. Karen also leads intuitive development classes and teaches on topics that empower people to listen to their own inner guidance. She’s the creator of the Breathe, Love, Live healing method of identifying and releasing energetic blocks. 

As creator and host of the popular radio show “Out of the Fog,” Karen was awarded the Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland Co-Creation Sector Award for Media, presented by Barbara Marx Hubbard.


Connect with Karen:


Facebook Business page


Interview Links And Resources:

Karen's Website 

Free - Sacred Space Toolkit
Sacred Space Toolkit includes: 

Sacred Space Teaching audio (10 min): Gain practical tips for stepping into your power as an intentional creator of sacred space, and learn the 3 Keys that keep your space protected and clear. 

Sacred Space Prayer audio (10 min): I've recorded five prayers that I use in my own practice for personal protection and dedication; clearing negative energy; creating sacred space in a physical location; creating sacred space around a relationship; and creating sacred space for abundance and prosperity.

Sacred Space Prayer Mini Ebook: Here's a handy way to have those powerful prayers at your fingertips as you set about creating sacred space in your home or office, in a relationship, or to heal and activate your abundance.



Aug 23, 2015

LJ shares that after a nasty incident at work her friend asked her if it was going to be a new company or a new career, she chose a new career.

LJ explains how she left her career in IT to become a teacher, even though it meant a 50% reduction in her salary. Yet she readily admits, that the salary cut was a reason that this change had been delayed...

When she found herself just trying to get to the end of the next three month project, she knew something had to change.

The money was no longer worth the hassle 

LJ shares that she chose to go in to teaching because she understand the power of teaching, having experience both the very good and the very bad.

Her high school teacher had told her that she couldn’t do maths, and she had believed him.
Yet later in her career, she met another teacher who believed in her, and because of him she now holds a degree in engineering.
Having seen both the sides of a teacher, she wanted to be able to give that positive experience to others.

She will now be teaching math to high school students.

LJ shares that 5 years ago she would have thought she would be working for herself and setting her own hours, she never would never have envisioned she would have been working for her principality 

She now understands that it’s okay to work for someone else if you’re happy.

She did IT because it was easy for her and paid well, but she wants to teach because it's what she loves to do.

LJ explains that if she ignores her intuitive messages, she gets clunked over the head by a piece of 2 x 4, so now if she hears these messages, especially when she hears them more than once, she makes sure she listens.

Biggest Learning:

It is possible to follow your dreams.

I am happier and more excited about working than she has been for a long happy.
Sometimes your path may not be working for yourself, but in more of a service role.

Favourite Quote:

“Today is the only day you have to be sure that you’re moving forward on your goals” - Trent Ham

Theme Song:


SuperSHEro Name:

Productivity Woman

About LJ:

LJ Earnest is a productivity blogger, software engineer, mother, Girl Scout leader and high school teacher. She has been writing for many years and helps people get what has to be done so they can get to what they want to do.


Connect With LJ:





Interview Links And Resources:

LJ's Website 

Free - ReBoot Your Life eBook




Aug 16, 2015

Karina shares how she had The Call when she was working in a traditional 9-5 role and although it didn't become her business for 10 years, she learnt to trust herself and her gifts as she continually practised her channelling skills.

A week after doing the channelling course and ‘receiving’ a large heart, she met her husband. Even though she wasn’t looking for love, she explains that it was like she had made the connection and everything started falling in to place.

Karina shares how the more she acted on her seemingly crazy hunches from her spirit guides, the more she noticed that it worked.

Karina shares how she knows it messages form her spirit guides and not just her imagination.

Initially she created a secret world and only shared her business with the closest to her and those who she knew would support her.

Even today, sometimes when she meets people she says that she works in communications, as she does, but not the way most people would assume.

She shares how that when you hear the call, you know that it’s what you’re supposed to do, but you don’t know how it’s going to work out, so the initial dream needs protecting and nurturing.

Karina tells us that when she followed The Call, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, at each new step, all her 'stuff' would come out. But although it took a long time to start, once she did, it was like ‘go go go’, and she has received support from all sorts of places and felt so on track.

It was the inner knowing and feeling she was in the right place – this carried her through the ups and downs.

She feels that she created the experience she needed to keep moving forward.

One of the reasons that she didn’t start her business earlier is she was thinking about all of the terrible things that could happen, but in reality lots of amazing things happened.

Karina shares that when she starts to become overwhelmed in her business, she has to remove herself from her computer and go and do something different.

One of her biggest breakthrough came when she realised that it didn’t matter if she could make a living with her gifts, as she would always have them and could still use them and offer them to herself too. Everything was going to be ok –two days later the clients kept rolling in and her inbox exploded with clients wanting readings.

Surrendering and breaking down can be a great way to move through.

Biggest Learning:

Ask for help.
Tapping in to support and receiving help when it’s given.

Favourite Quote:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us" – Marianne Williamson

Theme Song:

It's Raining Men The Weather Girls

SuperSHEro Name:

The Glittery Fairy Bumblebee Rainbow Carrier

About Karina:

Karina is an intuitive, healer, writer & passionate heart-centered entrepreneur who offers intuitive readings, coaching and teaches amazing people how to communicate with their spirit guides and open up to their inner guidance both online and in live retreats worldwide.

Karina’s warmth and joy-filled energy come across so clearly and her gifts help so many overcome blocks and challenges in their lives in order to truly step into their highest power. She lives with her family in the French country side and she loves spending time in nature, playing with her kids and hugging trees.


Connect with Karina:





Interview Links And Resources:

Karina's Website 

Intuitive Guidance for your Heart and Soul - Two Free Guided Meditations



Aug 9, 2015

Ruby shares how she tapped into her inner confidence and turned her life around, despite suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks, raging don't mess with me attitude, crushing sense of inadequacy, and a hopeless need to please everyone.

Ruby shares how she left home before she finished grade twelve. She did finish grade twelve, but left home and moved out because she just knew that she had to leave. She went home, packed her stuff, and left.

At this time she had the opportunity to take a full time job, and stay in her small community, and work in the bar, and be the same forever, or she could take a chance to move with a friend to a city a couple hours away that she didn't know, where she didn't know anyone, but she had to decide right there. She made the choice to move, and left.

Ruby shares how she can make these quick choices as she explains what it feels like and how she identifies it as a call from her soul, and not just a moment of madness.

She shares that her most challenging decision was to leave a career in finance and planning. To leave the stability, and potential growth of the industry, and walk away from it. To walk away from it to be a mom, and to learn how to be a mom, and to find herself again, and then to grow forward into where she is today.

Ruby shares that becoming a mom was a huge turning point in her life. How it changed everything. Bringing a lot of stuff to a head - how it instigated a lot of looking into her inner world, and looking back on her childhood, and understanding things better, and understanding what she needed to change, and understanding patterns that she didn't want to continue with her own children. 

Ruby shares her experience of falling apart, so that she could find herself again.

Biggest Learning:

Not listen to the fear.

You can use fear as a signpost, but you don't want to listen to fear. It's like fear is your GPS giving you the wrong direction, but it's, also, giving you a point, because you go 'you really want me to go that way', so there must be something really important that I need to find the other way.

It's always an opportunity to learn something about yourself and to heal something within yourself, because the fear is rising up, because there's something in there that you're denying, or hiding, or not looking at, that you don't want  to see or you don't want to deal with.

Favourite Quote:

"Just Do It"

Theme Song:

Raise Your Glass - Pink

SuperSHEro Name:

The Hulk

About Ruby:

Ruby Toad is a wise-woman, mother and healer.

She helps women move with more grace and ease through periods of turmoil, transition, personal growth and healing. By guiding them back to their centre to reconnect with their divine inner spirit and supporting them in creating and anchoring into simple yet powerful spiritual practices, she helps them build a solid foundation of tools that will move them forward through their current challenges and serve them their entire lifetime.

Connect With Ruby:




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Ruby's Website 

Free eBook: 5 Ways to Reconnect To Yourself



Aug 2, 2015

Holly shares how she left her business in Mexico, of 8 years, and one which she loved, and moved first to Argentina and then to the UK.

She shares how it was a really hard decision for her to make, because her gut was saying you need to leave, but her heart was saying you have this really beautiful business that we’d created from the ground up, why would you leave it.

Eventually she'd had enough, and knew it was time to leave.

Holly shares that with little more than a gut feeling, she and her husband, packed up and moved to the UK.

In the beginning, she had no job or business, and with her optimistic nature she thought she could just start a business or find work, and she thought it would all be easy.

But she shares that it wasn’t, it was really hard.

Initially she trained as a coach, but that wasn't really for her. Then she took a job, and that wasn't for her either.

Holly explains that it felt like an uphill struggle.

However, this changed when she started listening to the call.

Holly's business was evolving, but the most dramatic shift happened when she trained in PSYCH-K®, she initially trained in it for personal reasons, but it changed her life and transformed her business.

Although Holly now listens to her intuition, she shares it wasn't always like that for her.

Originally, she had suppressed so many things, including her intuition, that she had no clue who she was any more, her intuition was non existent because she was so disconnect from her self.

But little by little, she dug down deep to get to know herself more. The more she paid attention to her intuition the more it has grown, before that she was completely lost.

Biggest Learning:

The power of being in touch with yourself. Making decisions based on what I want and not what I’m afraid other people will think/do as a result of my decision.

Living my life for me and not other people.

Favourite Quote:

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin

Theme Song:

The Sound of the Woods - Rest and Relax

SuperSHEro Name:

The Alchemist


About Holly:

Holly Worton is a business coach and PSYCH-K® facilitator who works with women entrepreneurs who are stuck and feeling frustrated because they don't have a steady stream of clients.

Through a combination of practical business coaching and the use of PSYCH-K®, which is a technique that works to quickly and easily change beliefs at the subconscious level, she helps them move past the things that are getting in the way so they can build the business of their dreams and get a steady stream of clients and help the people they're here to help.


Connect With Holly:





Interview Links And Resources:

Holly's Website 

Free Instant Access: Unlock Your Blocks: To a steady stream of clients

PSYCH-K® with Holly 



Jul 26, 2015

Froydis Egge-Jacobsen shares that after a rough divorce to the father of her child, her husband of over a decade and her business partner, she felt like her life was falling apart and she didn't know what she was going to do with herself.

She shares how everything changed when she just clicked on a seemingly random  link on the internet – she didn't know why she clicked the link, but liked what she saw.

The website was for coaching and Froydis explains that it was just what she needed to help her see things differently.  

Having a coach made her dig deep in to herself and she loved the transformation and insight so much, that she realised that she was going to be a coach too.

As she looks back, she can’t even compare herself, especially when she looks at how she views the future.

Froydis shares how she has always lived her life her own way and chosen to take life changing opportunities, when she has felt guided by no more than a feeling.

She has always been determined to live life with no regrets.

Froydis reminds us that as you get older you realise how fragile life really is – and as far as she knows you live only once

Froydis is at the beginning of a new chapter and is excited about creating a new life for her and her son, but shares that even a year ago she didn't have such a positive view for the future

She believes that it’s so important to take the small steps, as they've taken her to great places (bigger isn’t always best)

Being open to see where the smaller steps will take you.

Biggest Learning:

That you're never too old to learn new things and never too old to believe in yourself.

Favourite Quote:

"When you know better, you do better." Maya Angelou

SuperSHEro Name:


About Froydis

I am a transformational coach and a successful entrepreneur coaching and guiding especially female entrepreneurs live their lives and create the business they dream of. I will coach, support, guide and mentor you to create a business that reflects you and what you are all about. This way you will get products and a brand that is all you. I guide you developing your product(s) and brand so that your target market understands it.

We all know that the first impression is very important. If your potential client don’t like what they see on your site or don’t understand it, they are not going to buy from you either. Let me help you get over your upper limits like visibility issue and get you clear on how to grow your personal brand, make more money and live the life you are destined to live.

Connect With Froydis



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Froydis's Website 

Free gift: Visibility Workbook - personal branding starts from within


Jul 19, 2015

Iris Fritschi-Cussens shares that for her, the idea of being a SHEro meant connecting to the process of becoming herself and finding out what that even meant in the first place.

She shares how she has used her art as a form of self-expression so that she can connect more deeply to herself, and how by allowing whatever is going to come out through her art, from deep inside of her, is a process that is both scary and exciting at the same time. 

Iris explains how she would get really inspired by art and it would be the only thing that she could think about while she was at work. And then in the evening at home she would just feel either uninspired or too scared to start creating and would just end up watching TV instead.

She explains how she felt she couldn't trust that she could make something that she would be satisfied with, and how she has now created a process to overcome this.

Art became a gradual form of self discovery, as she began to realise that was a 'me' out there that she had not really explored, and that she had been hiding the authentic her for many, many years.

Iris reveals how she had always felt that there is a certain path, a conservative path, one where there is no conflict, as she hated conflict. She used to purposefully avoid conflict and felt this led her to a safe, boring and ultimately, unfulfilling life. And how by slowly discovering that if she is her authentic self, she might create a little bit more conflict with people, but she is so much happier so it feels like a 'no brainer trade off'.  

Biggest Learning:

How to show up in the world authenticity and that all the answers are inside of us. 

Favourite Quote:

"Do not compare your beginning to someone else's middle."

Theme Song:

Palladio - Karl Jenkins and Adiemus 

SuperSHEro Name:

The Anti Perfectionist

About Iris:

Iris is a London based mixed media artist and creative enabler. She helps women clear their creative blocks so they can create art that is meaningful to them and feel good about themselves!

Iris loves to make art with a balance of fun techniques (with lots of yummy art supplies) and finding pure joy in the process. Her work features heavily textured backgrounds, bright/fluorescent colours, shabby & grungy elements, uplifting or inspiring phrases, faces & whimsical girls. There is always an underlying theme of self-expression and self-development.

Connect With Iris:




Interview Links And Resources:

Iris's Website 

Free Art & Inspiration Guide


Jul 11, 2015

Ari Powell shares how she is currently in a place of huge transition, and how all of her plans were turned upside down when she suffered the most devastating loss.

She explains that great plans don’t always happen the way you plan them, and that although she is still coming to terms with her loss and is grieving, she knows that she doesn't have all of the answers, but will continue to move forwards towards her original goals.

Ari talks about how her initial plan needs changing, but she is still working towards the same plan.

‘The journey is different, but the destination remains the same’

She is taking this time to clear out the emotional 'stuff' and enjoy being herself – enjoying work on her terms

Although she is returning to work, albeit, in a different role, she has chosen to do this as it's a safe place, and as she is the main income earner for the family it takes the stress out of the situation.

Ari had originally planned to leave this job sooner as something in her life wasn't quite clicking, despite all of work she was doing, she couldn't quite get into the 'groove'.

She had looked into personal development, had hired a coach, but something still wasn't right.

Then she came across Creatrix, at first she was very sceptical, she thought it sounded good, but confesses that she is tight with money, and thought it sounded too unconventional.

So she tried the conventional methods first as they were the safe option. Ari explains that although on some level they worked, and were of benefit, but something still wasn’t clicking…

She found herself on a level 1 Creatrix training and on the first day thought 'What have I done, I’ve wasted my money.'

Then she had her breakthrough - Remove doubt and everything else will follow...

She did just that, it clicked and then was a total convert to the process!

Ari went from the biggest doubter, to then training in the program and becoming a facilitator and uses this work to transform the lives of women.

Biggest Learning:

Goals evolve in their own time. If I try to force it too quickly, I would have sabotaged my efforts.

Set goals that are towards something (not away from something), as this gives your brain one option, then if things don’t go as planned you will detour, but still head in that one direction.

Set a goal, even if you are unsure of the big picture, make the goal a feeling. 

Favourite Quote:

Life is a series of problems, occasionally interrupted by a crisis
Brian Tracy

Theme Song:

On a Mission Gabriella Cilmi

SuperSHEro Name:


About Ari:

Ari is an Empowerment Coach, Licensed Creatrix® Facilitator, public speaker, group trainer, business networker and founder of Polish Your Sparkle. Her mission is to empower women with the skills and knowledge to harness their emotional strength, to confront life’s challenges, and to relaunch their life guilt free and with certainty so they can courageously claim their most fulfilling life.

"As women we need a safe place to explore our potential, to talk through our goals and formulate a plan. We need to be praised to success. Empowered with the skills to tackle life’s challenges and the confidence to commit to and ultimately own our decisions. To get to a place where not only do we believe what we say when we justify our choices but that we no longer feel the need to justify our choices in the first place.

I think these days women often feel like they’re committing “superwoman fraud” and are waiting to be caught out. I know I certainly felt that way. What I love about what I do is that I can help women who are in the same place I was, by equipping them with techniques and understandings that will make the process so much easier, less stressful, less frustrating and assist them to get to a more fulfilling place in their life, be it at home or work. This is my purpose and my mission. This is how I help women and this is why they work with me." Ari Powell

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Interview Links And Resources:

Ari's Website 


Jul 5, 2015

Donna Higton shares with us how she left her everyday routine to go backpacking to the other side of the world.

She explains how although friends and colleagues advised her against it she left everything she knew to go travelling and that how it was on this adventure she 'found herself'.

Donna returned from her travels with passion and purpose, but was soon fell back in to her old routines, even back to the same job. She knew something had to change and she shares exactly what did. 

Although Donna was living the life she was 'supposed to want', she had a successful job, great social life, house etc but she had a nagging feeling that there must be more to life. 

So she did what she had never even considered before, she went travelling. 

During her adventures she fully understood the concept of enjoying the journey, and that it wasn't about the destination.

That the beauty was in the unfolding of discovering herself, and this this process was more valuable than any label she could give herself.

This process also allowed her to become an author. She shares how ever since she was a child she had always wanted to write. But it took her until she was 35yrs old to acknowledge this truth and another 7years to admit it to others.

Biggest Learning:

That dissatisfaction could be your soul nudging you in the right direction.

Favourite Quote:

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
Charlie Chaplin

Theme Song:

Run The World (Girls) Beyonce

SuperSHEro Name:

Happy Dancing Wonder Woman

About Donna:

Donna Higton, better known as “Donnaonthebeach” is a life coach and author of “Fall in Love With Life” and “Obstacle-Busting”. When she's not helping people fall in love with their lives and make their big dreams come true, she can be found in the centre of England eating chocolate with her nose buried in a book.

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Donna's Website 

FREE Ebook on Obstacle Busting (and other cool free stuff)


Jun 27, 2015

Joanna Hennon shares with us how it took a nervous breakdown before she claimed back her passions, from her teenage years, back in into her life.

She explains how she turned her back on her fascination with anything to do with the soul and spirit guides, when she consciously decided it was 'stupid to be interested in it', and that it was time to grow up and be in the real world.

So she went into a corporate world and was ambitious. She describes it as 'playing office', and that her 'pretty' suits were a costume. Joanna created a whole world around this way of life, because she didn't know there was another way. 

This changed one day when she was reading O magazine, and it featured a woman who had a super high powered job, and gave it up to make wall paper. Joanna recognised that this woman had made a different choice from the typical 9-5 corporate life and was not only being recognised for it, but was being successful too! 

She realised that there was a possibility that she too could be successful leaving her corporate world and following her passions.

Joanna shares that it was during the recovery from her nervous breakdown that she started to feel good again, calm again, she was no longer shouting at everyone, and she started to ask herself if it was possbile to feel like this every day.

It was simple these questions that would lead Joanna back to herself and her true path.

But of course it wasn't without a few more obstacles...

Biggest Learning:

To have confidence in herself.
That she’s deserving of wonderful things.
That she is a soul – an unlimited being – and that gives her immense confidence

Favourite Quote:

If nothing changes, nothing changes.


If you want something to change in your life, you have to change something in your life.

Theme Song:

 It's My LifeBon Jovi

Superhero Name:

The Seer

About Joanna:

'I’m not your regular spiritual, intuitive person. You will definitely not find me walking around barefoot in my backyard. It’s more likely that I’ll be watching Modern Family or Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the best tv show of ALL time), sipping red wine. Oh and I love shoes, especially black boots. I can literally shop till I drop, I don’t seem to have any other limits.

I’ve always been obsessed with past lives – it’s so fascinating to me that we have experienced so much and that we can either remember or get information about it! Past life stuff comes through regularly in my work because patterns are often from before this life, and I am so grateful that I get to work with this!

Over the past few years, I have learned to trust my intuition, even when things feel scary. Following my path – this work – has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever experienced. Worth every minute of self-doubt and fear.'

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Interview Links And Resources:

Joanna's Website

FREE Course - Connect with your intuition


Jun 23, 2015

Laura Yahmin shares what it took for her to go from living in a toxic environment trying to keep it together to living a great life full of contentment and fulfilling dreams - A life of no regrets.


Laura had been brought up where failure was not an option and she clearly identified herself as a person that didn't quit. Discover why it was so important to her that she then had to learn to quit and fire clients.

She shares valuable advice for how to give up a toxic life, while still being supported and how she managed this.

During the interview Laura identified herself as her biggest obstacle in her own life, that was holding her back, she had to move through this and give herself permission to have the life that she dreamed of.


Biggest Learning:

To TRUST myself

To believe I could figure it out.


Favourite Quote:

Do one thing that scares you everyday.

Eleanor Roosevelt


Theme Song:

I will Survive - Gloria Gaynor


Superhero Name:

Invisible Laura


About Laura

Laura is a recovering perfectionist and overachiever who is obsessed with working smart, creating an abundantly rich life and decluttering the things that no longer serve her.

She is an Advisor, Teacher and Author who specializes on perfectionism. She is the host and creator of Not Safe for Work (NSFW) podcast.

She has over ten years of advising, leadership training and educational experience working at New York University, University of Maryland- College Park, University of Missouri-Columbia and Pace University  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Syracuse University and a Master of Arts at the University of Maryland – College Park.


Connect with Laura





Interview Links and Resources

Laura's Website

Laura's Podcast - Not Safe For Work


Jun 21, 2015

Amy Simpkins shares with us what it took for her to leave her 20 year career as a rocket scientist to become a lifestyle design strategist.


Amy shares how she had lost her passion, her inspiration, and her drive to continue toward the goals of her childhood and any desire to "climb the corporate ladder."

Instead she found that she wanted new goals: flexibility to travel, time with her kids, and most of all, the opportunity to have a more powerful, personal impact on the world.  

This realization rocked her.  

She began to question everything, down to who she really was at her core.  

For so long she had identified "who I am" with "what I have done or will do," especially when it came to her career, that she realized she didn't really know that much about herself anymore.  

And so began a year long (and beyond!) exploration of herself as a human BEing, not a human DOing.  An exploration of who she is RIGHT NOW, as an adult, with wonderful and unique experiences behind her and new passions and interests in front of her. 


Biggest Learning:

You have those urges for a reason.

Pay Attention.

It can be done, You can do it!


Favourite Quote:

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau


Theme Song:

Erin Shore (instrumental) - The Corrs


Superhero Name:

The Phoenix


About Amy:

Amy Simpkins is a former rocket scientist who spent 10 years in the corporate world designing and flying spacecraft.  

Since hearing The Call, she is now a Lifestyle design strategist, coach, and founder of Life Architecting.  

Her new mission is to help mid-career professionals bust the myth of work/life balance, rediscover what they need to truly THRIVE, and to design and build impactful, resilient, beautiful lives from the raw material of that deep self-knowledge, exploration, and grace.


My coaching practice is called Life Architecting because I believe we all have the power to architect lives that are impactful, resilient, and beautiful.  

Architecture brings together art and science, form and function, beauty and structure, yin and yang.  

As architects, we must carry the vision for our lives and we must also determine how best to execute that vision within the boundaries of reality.  

Boundaries don't have to be roadblocks, they can be points of leverage from which to build magnificence.  


Connect With Amy:





Interview Links:
Amy's Website
Work with Amy
Jun 20, 2015

In this episode JJ Carolan shares how she ignored post natal depression and ended up in the Psyche ER. It was following this pivotal moment that she was forced to listen to her inner voice and is now joyfully expecting her second child.


JJ tells us how she believes she ended up at this crisis point due to the pressure of trying to “keep it all together” and live up to EVERYTHING that women are expected to do.

She was working as the Clinical Director of an agency providing therapy to kids with Autism, long hours.  

Raising a newborn that I had to leave at daycare sometimes 12 hours a day!  

AND she was trying to live up to attachment parenting, making her own organic baby food, helping her parents keep their house tidy (she lived with them at the time) despite the newborn, and never mind be a wife and friend ~ trying to keep up going to all the social events like a happy mom should.

She kept dogging away at this pace while her soul was dying piece by piece, every moment she was on the road driving 5-6 hours away while her daughter was in someone else’s hands.  While her marriage crumbled under the weight of all of this.  While she started sabotaging her career and high profile job, mailing it in, cutting corners.


She was on complete autopilot.

Discover what happened when her body and soul had, had enough and she found herself on the psche ER ward.


Biggest Learning:

Speak your truth.


Favourite Quote:

The end of a Mary Oliver poem called 'The Summer Day'

"Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"


Theme Song:

 All I Ask - Crowded House


Superhero Name:

Hurricane Kitty (yes like the beer!)

Interview Links:
JJ's Website
Post Partum Depression support
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